I had a light breakfast with a couple of slices of roasted acorn squash left over from last night.  I wasn’t feeling very hungry in the morning and I had to get ready for early work meetings.

Later in the day, I started getting a mild headache, but lunch got rid of it.

In the afternoon, I was having a craving for something sweet.  I was surprised by it, but not diverted.  I drank a glass of water and snacked on a handful of cashews.  The sugar craving went away easily.

IMG_4881 (800x600)

Hash browns and chicken salad (ground chicken, red leaf lettuce with tomato, cilantro and lemon juice).

IMG_4907 (1024x768)

Lemon, garlic, red pepper chicken breast with green beans and riced cauliflower.

Things went smoothly today.  No cravings, no fatigue, no sugar withdrawal symptoms, no foggy head or headaches.  Just feeling good.  I did notice that my mood went up about 5 or 6 notches.  I enjoyed breaks with the kids and I am pretty sure I was shrieking with laughter while blowing bubbles with my 2 year old.  My legs are sore from yesterday’s yard work.  Otherwise, I’m doing great.

IMG_4875 (800x600)

Super simple breakfast of kale and eggs with red chile.

I had leftover chicken and veggies (from yesterday) for lunch.  For dinner, I had leftover salmon and oven roasted sweet potatoes and acorn squash.  It’s looking like I did buy more groceries than necessary.  I’ll take this into account when I shop for next week.

IMG_4879 (800x600)

Leftovers for tomorrow.

I am now officially on the Whole30 program.  It is the first day I had coffee with absolutely no sugar.  I’d been putting less and less sugar since Wednesday so that I wouldn’t have to go cold turkey at the start of the program.  I’m very glad I did wean off sugar, because feel great.  We spent the whole day working in the backyard.  The weather was cloudy and cool.  The kids loved having time outside while Matt and I worked and worked.

Today, I noticed a real improvement after cutting out sugar and grains (and dairy).  I was able to work roughly 5 hours in the yard, until my legs and feet ached.  Usually, I get a debilitating headache before any other part of my body feels exertion.  I also noticed that I wasn’t chasing my hunger today.  I feel like my appetite is adjusting to the no grain meals.

IMG_4856 (1024x617) (800x482)

Egg scramble for breakfast with zucchini, potato and red chile sauce (red chile and garlic).

IMG_4862 (1024x768) (800x600)

Chicken stir-fry for lunch with broccoli, snow peas, onions, carrots and celery.

IMG_4873 (1024x665) (800x520)

Lemon, garlic and Dijon mustard baked salmon with steamed asparagus and sauteed potatoes and onions.

Saturday was a great day for me.  I was still chasing hunger with food.  I was struggling to make meals that would be within the guidelines of the Whole30 and give me enough energy to make it the next meal.  I kept having to eat a banana to have enough energy between work and fixing dinner.  A shopping trip was in order.  Here was my shopping list:

  • red leaf lettuce
  • celery
  • onions
  • green beans
  • broccoli
  • zucchini
  • spaghetti squash
  • acorn squash
  • potatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • apples
  • pears
  • bananas
  • lemons
  • limes
  • pecans (wow, this is expensive)
  • cashews
  • chicken
  • beef
  • fish
  • eggs
  • red chile
  • Tazo Earl Grey (heavenly)

The fridge was packed when we got everything put away.  It’s nice to have plenty of choices and I think after this week, I will have better idea for what I will need.  I’m assuming we bought more food than I need.  We’ll see.

We worked in the back yard most of the day and although it was warm outside, I did really well.  I started to get a migraine in the afternoon, so I rested in bed for a about an hour, expecting to take one of my migraine shots.  No shot necessary!  Rest was enough to get rid of the headache.  I think it was the changes I’ve already made to my eating that made the difference.  I was really grateful that all I had to do was take a nap!

One thing I already do right with my health is drink lots of water.  Unsweetened, unflavored, just plain water.  So, I didn’t expect how outrageously thirsty I was going to feel on Day 3 without sugar (without my daily cup of cranberry juice).  I wanted so much to empty an entire gallon of juice into my mouth.  I wanted to shower in it.  It’s hard to argue with the self-destructive little voice that says, “You’re not even on the Whole30 yet, one little sip or two won’t hurt.”  Instead, I crushed a couple of fresh strawberries into a cup, added ice and water for a refreshing drink.  It had just a hint of fruit, but it was enough to get me through the craving.

My head still felt foggy until well into the evening.  I was relieved that the work week was over and I didn’t have to try pushing through my tasks feel tired and fuzzy headed.

It startled me that these first two days were about reminding myself to not eat whatever passes through my hands.  Example, if I am going to get a cup of Cheerios for Aurora, do not take a tithe for myself.  I didn’t realize how hard it was to remember that I am not eating treats and grain snacks anymore.

I spent most of the day working fatigued and foggy headed.  By the afternoon, I was shaking and I had to eat half a banana just to make dinner.  I expected all of this, because this is the point where I usually get back on sugar when I’ve tried to cut back in the past.  I had planned to work on less sensitive tasks on work, knowing I’d be going through withdrawals.  I knew it was just a matter of time to get through this phase.  This was also the day, I researched the Whole30 program.  My sister and my mom did the program after a friend of ours (and her husband) completed the program.  They each had good experiences with it.  I knew a little about it, but not the specifics until I read up on the very simple rules: http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/  My eating plan was very close to the program, so I thought I’d take on the extra challenge and go official…after I got through this sugar separation.

Four days before (that’s a negative 04 in the title) starting the Whole30 program, I decided to improve my diet.  I cut the sugar in my coffee by half and I avoided soda (worst habit).  By the end of the day, I was feeling hungry and worn out.  The house was not well stocked for no grain meals, so Matt and I to take the kids out for dinner and grocery shopping afterwards.  Overall, things went smoothly.  My body had not yet realized that we were preparing to kick sugar to the curb and I didn’t know I was going to start the Whole30 within a few days.



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